Initiative ELEKTRO+

Installation values for electrical systems

The ELEKTRO+ Initiative is designed to assist in the planning and installation of electrical systems in flats and houses. It covers the following areas:

  • scope and complexity of the electrical installation,
  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • energy efficiency.

Awareness among building owners and renovators for safer and more energy sustainable electrical installation has been in decline for years. Even in new houses electrical systems are often inadequate for the size of the building and fail to meet minimum standards. There is a shortage of switches, sockets, lighting points, communication devices and electrical circuits.

In older buildings the situation is even more critical. There are approximately 10.6 million occupied housing units in Germany built before 1949. The majority of these still use their original electrical systems which fall well below the needs of today’s residents.

The demands of modern household appliances push these old electrical installations to their limits. Residents are often unaware of the dangers. This overloading is reflected in the high incidence of household fires; 10 – 15% being caused by the smouldering of electrical cables and through the use of defective appliances.

The inadequate provision of electrical power points in houses leads to the use of multi-socket connectors and extension leads. This puts a permanent overload onto the electrical circuits, considerably raising the risk of fire.

The service life of an electrical installation is 40 to 45 years, so the decision to fit an up to date system, meeting modern standards, will have a beneficial effect on the quality and value of the building.

For this reason the HEA – Fachgemeinschaft für effiziente Energieanwendung e.V. has been working for decades on the standardisation of electrical systems and has developed, on the basis of the minimum standard (DIN 18015), its own set of HEA Electrical Installation Values.

In the interests of ensuring better consumer protection the HEA, together with the Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI), founded the ELEKTRO+ Iniative to inform building owners and renovators about planning standards.

The ELEKTRO+ Initiative presents the standards and directives on electrical installation in houses and flats as readily accessible information for planners (architects, consultant electrical engineers and electrical contractors). This information is also designed to help building owners and home buyers to better understand and have a greater say in the planning of their electrical systems.

The ELEKTRO+ Initiative provides objective information for these target groups on the planning and installation of electrical systems both for new buildings and for modernisation projects.