Initiative ELEKTRO+


ELEKTRO+ offers literature and specialist materials for teaching free of charge

The ELEKTRO+ Initiative provides product-neutral information on all aspects of electrical installation in residential buildings not only for home owners, architects, electrical contractors and engineers, but also for teachers, trainers, students and apprentices working in this field.

In addition to its extensive range of brochures, the ELEKTRO+ Initiative also offers presentations to download free of charge. These comprehensive presentations provide expert knowledge on a whole range of topics relating to electrical installations in residential buildings. They equip trainers with excellent teaching material to deliver specialist lessons efficiently and effectively.

Presentations covering the following topics are available:

Modernising electrical installations

This presentation offers detailed background information on the topic and gives tips and advice for the planning and implementation of electrical installations as part of a modernisation project. The presentation is complemented by the “Modernisation Guide” brochure which can also be downloaded free of charge.

Modification or preservation of electrical installations

Assuming that the necessary safety modifications have been undertaken, an electrical installation can be granted special preservation or “grandfather rights”. What are grandfather rights? And under which circumstances can grandfather rights be employed for an electrical installation? Such questions and many more are answered in this presentation and are illustrated through extensive visual case studies. The presentation is accompanied by the brochure “Electrical installations: the conflict between modification and preservation” which can also be downloaded free of charge.

Further information on safety, user-friendliness and energy efficiency

Furthermore, the ELEKTRO+ Initiative advises on the important areas of safety, household comfort and energy efficiency, providing innovative and appropriate planning solutions for electrical systems in residential buildings. The Initiative offers product-neutral information on the above topics and on a wide range of other issues associated with electrical installation. These materials and further detailed information can be downloaded free of charge on the download section of the ELEKTRO+ website. Or if you would prefer a printed copy, the brochures can be obtained via the HEA-Shop.

Further information for teachers, trainers and students on the principal issues of electrical installation can be found on the HEA website in the section “Fachwissen”. This information is, of course, without cost.

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    Picture: Presentation "Modernisierung der Elektroinstallation"