Initiative ELEKTRO+

Good electrical planning saves money and ensures safety

The basis for any electrical planning project is a detailed floor plan of the house or flat. Working with the architect and electrical contractor it is important to define the scope and complexity of the proposed electrical system. To afford maximum flexibility in the interior design of the living space the electrical installation, with its power points and various operating elements, must be carefully structured and planned.

It is important to take into account during the planning stages that lifestyle and changes in the use of the living space may occur in the future. For example, a seating area in the living room may be rearranged to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This could lead to sockets and TV connections no longer being in the appropriate positions. To allow maximum flexibility it is advisable to install additional sockets and TV connections whilst building, or to plan for change by providing extra electrical conduits and boxes. Using these conduits cables can be inserted so that additional switches and sockets can be added later.

The HEA Electrical Installation Values, according to RAL-RG 678, provide the basis for competent electrical planning that is robust and offers flexibilty for the future. The installation values have been designed to take account of today’s demands on a modern electrical system.