Initiative ELEKTRO+

The HEA Electrical Installation Values certified by RAL

For building owners and renovators it is important to work from the outset with architects, property developers, consultant electrical engineers and electrical contractors to plan the scope and complexity of the electrical installation. During this planning process current technologies and individual wishes should be taken into account.

A well planned building or renovation project should include sufficient flexibility to develop or extend the electrical system in the future. This is particularly important as later changes can be difficult and expensive. For example, to modify the electrics in a room the walls must be cut open and then after the laying of additional cables have to be replastered and painted or papered. The retrofitting and extension of electrical systems is up to five times more expensive than their original installation!

The ELEKTRO+ Initiative recommends the HEA Electrical Installation Values, in accordance with RAL-RG 678, to building owners and renovators for use as a planning tool. (RAL is the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification e.V.)

Installation values and their certifications

Installation value Certification Certification
1 * Minimum level installation according to DIN 18015-2
2 ** Standard level installation
3 *** Optimum level installation
1 plus * plus Minimum level installation according to DIN 18015-2 with allowance for the future implementation of building system technology according to DIN 18015-4
2 plus ** plus Standard level installation with at least one living space designed according to DIN 18015-4
3 plus *** plus Optimum level installation with at least two living spaces designed according to DIN 18015-4

Electrical installation systems in residential buildings - Revision of RAL-RG 678 (German)