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Electrical installation: clear and legally binding

Does the contractor’s work have to be legally compliant? This question is always asked when renting, buying, building or renovating housing. Yes, there are project standards - the HEA Electrical Installation Values in accordance with DIN 18015-2 and RAL-RG 678.

When dealing with descriptions of services or estimates from property developers, prefabricated house manufacturers and electrical contractors it is important to check that either the minimum standard according to DIN 18015 or the HEA Electrical Installation Values according to RAL-RG 678 have been followed as a basis for planning.

Ordering the electrical installation

Building owners and renovators should stipulate the HEA Electrical Installation Values in the building contract, in the description of services or in their order. The HEA Electrical Installation Values are then legally binding.
The HEA Electrical Installation Values represent detailed service descriptions that, if stipulated in the building contract, must be implemented by electrical contractors, property developers or prefabricated house manufacturers.

Clear estimates

When planning electrical installation work it is important to state an installation value in the project description. This enables the electrical contractor to make an estimate tailored to suit the individual needs of the client. For building owners and renovators estimates are then clear and can be compared, providing an exact basis for decision making and testing against market rates.