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Electrical installation conduits – your link to the future

Depending on requirements, the complexity and range of the electrical system should be planned and installed with as much forethought as possible. The use of installation conduits offers flexibility and scope to develop future electrical systems and add power points if needed.

Thanks to well planned installation conduit layouts a building owner has the opportunity to alter electrical systems at any time, adjusting to changing conditions or to adopt new technologies. This is possible without a great deal of construction work or electrical engineering input.

Of course, wherever possible electrical installation conduits should also be fitted into existing buildings. If renovation is being planned then this offers the ideal opportunity to add conduits. It is especially in these older buildings where wiring and electrical circuits are often found to be severely underdimensioned. They fail to meet minimum standards and are inadequte for the installation of present or future electrical systems.

It is often several years after their fitting that the capacity and value of electrical installation conduits is first identified; for example, when a tenant or house owner acquires new electrical appliances or when their lifestyle requirements change and they wish to extend or alter the electrical system.

With electrical installation conduits you can prepare the way now for a well networked house! As life changes, so do electrical systems!

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