Initiative ELEKTRO+

The mains connection

In all buildings the structural requirements for the mains connection must be acknowledged and planned for. The mains connection switches and meters must be accessible for energy supply company and utilities workers and also for the fire service.

There are different types of mains connections. For detached houses with cellars ELEKTRO+ recommends a wall mounted connection and for buildings without cellars a connection installed in a niche or cupboard is appropriate.

The following basic elements constitute the mains connection

  • the electricity supply,
  • the water supply,
  • the gas or district heating supply,
  • the telecommunication connection,
  • the broadband connection.

The decision on where to locate the mains connection, with its respective supply elements, is taken in conjunction with the local utility services (usually the electricity, gas and district heating suppliers and the telecommunication provider). The mains connection is generally linked via underground supply lines.

To keep installation costs to a minimum the mains connection point should be located in a central position reached by the shortest possible routes. Important information on mains connections is outlined in the standards DIN 18012 and DIN 18015-1.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Wall mounted mains connection in the cellar

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Mains connection in a niche or cupboard in the utility room