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Today’s market offers a wide range of attractive switch and socket systems, intelligent lighting programmes, innovative security devices and many more clever solutions to make your house a comfortable and safe place.

Switches can certainly influence the aesthetic quality and atmosphere of a room. Your electrician can show you the large variety of models available, ranging from timelessly classical to functionally modern or to designer elegance.

The times when a light switch had a purely functional status are long gone. Now the humble switch has become a decorative object making its own contribution to the interior design of a room and reflecting your style and personality.

When planning a new electrical system it is essential to allow for an appropriate number of switches, sockets and communication connections (e.g. antennae or telephone). If fitted during the building construction or alteration phase the installation costs of extra fitments are much lower.

Later however, the retrofitting of connections is always complicated, inconvenient and up to five times more expensive. Therefore it is important to consider, for example, whether the television might be needed in a different place in the future. An alternative antenna connection and several additional sockets would then be necessary.

Tip: Exchanging switches and sockets in existing houses during a renovation phase is also unproblematic.

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    Picture: Switches and sockets can certainly influence the aesthetics and atmosphere of a room.