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Individual room control

Heating control is today one of the most important features of domestic electrical installation. Choosing the appropriate control system will have a beneficial effect on future energy use and efficiency in the household. Individual room regulation provides the most effective way to meet heating demands. When living spaces are not in use the room temperature can be maintained at a preset minimum.

Such a control system allows you to tailor your heating to fit your personal needs and your daily routine. Individual room control, for example, allows you to have a warm bathroom in the early morning without needing to switch on the heating manually beforehand.

If you regularly return home at the same time the heating can be programmed to come on thirty minutes in advance, welcoming you with warm rooms and a cosy atmosphere. Such a timer system significantly reduces energy consumption; the heating does not run when you are not there but is limited to the periods when residents are usually at home.

Tip: a 1°C lowering of room temperature means a 6% improvement in energy saving. Therefore, the more accurate the heating control the less energy needed to reach the ideal atmosphere for comfortable living.

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    Picture: Automatic regulator valve on radiator.