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Comfortable home lighting

With a quick turn of a dimmer switch the light level can be adjusted. This offers individual light control, allowing a special atmosphere or character to be created in living and work spaces.

Tip: Dimmer switches reduce energy costs as they allow you to adjust light levels to meet your needs. Dimmers also prolong the life of lighting systems.

The use of modern LED or energy-saving bulbs with a dimmer can produce unanticipated effects, e.g. flickering, or even stop the dimmer working completely. This probelm can be solved by using a new digital control system where the dimmer and the light source are callibrated one to the other. Using the corresponding control unit, special LED and energy-saving bulbs can be dimmed through the existing electrical installation. Modern technology, making you feel good.

Adjusting the light by remote control

By using touch dimmers with integrated infra red operating elements, lights can be adjusted via remote control, for example from the comfort of the sofa. Alternatively, it is possible to activate a dimmer light system via a wall mounted remote control panel. The lights can of course also be adjusted manually.

Lighting for every occasion, at the touch of a button

Reading, relaxing, watching television or dining with guests; every situation has its own appropriate lighting. By using dimmers with infra red operating elements the light levels can be easily adjusted at the push of a button. In addition, whole lighting scenes, created to fit specific occasions, can be called up via remote control. For example, the lighting scene “relaxing to music” can be chosen from a pre-programmed selection of catergories.

Electrically operated blinds or roller shutters can also be activated by infra red remote control and can be easily integrated into the lighting programming.

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    Picture: Light for every occasion; at the touch of a button

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Reading, relaxing, watching television or dining with guests - every situation has its own appropriate lighting.