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Control of roller shutters and electrically operated blinds

Large or particularly heavy roller shutters, for example on panorama windows in living and dining areas, are best operated electrically. This ensures convenience and flexibilty for the user.

Automatic shutters certainly make life easier for the householder. But such modern technology doesn’t just stop at UP and DOWN. Many electrical shutter systems have additional functions, such as inbuilt light sensors that lower or raise the shutter according to changing light levels to nurture house plants.

Today’s roller shutters and electrical blinds incorporate a wide range of intelligent features to guarantee ease of operation and save time for the user. For example, all the shutters or blinds in a house or flat can be operated centrally (mornings and evenings) at the touch of a single button. Alternatively, they can be activated automatically controlled by timers or by detectors sensitive to changing light levels. This can take place on a room, storey or house façade basis.

Electrically operated blinds or shutters considerably improve household comfort. The addition of a central control button or timer function, saving a journey mornings and evenings through the house or flat, affords further convenience. During holiday periods the automatic timer system makes the house look lived in. A built-in sunrise/sunset tracking astro function controls the opening and closing of blinds and shutters to synchronise with dawn and dusk.

Significant household energy savings can be made through the appropriate seasonal regulation of electrically operated roller shutters. Lowering the shutters in summer helps to keep the house cool and in winter it reduces heat loss.

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    Picture: Electrically operated roller shutters on large panorama windows in living and dining areas considerably enhance household comfort and also improve the energy efficiency of your home.