Initiative ELEKTRO+


Telecommunications include xDSL, telephone, fax machine, ISDN, etc. To meet today’s requirements it is important to plan the location of network-capable telephone connection sockets (RJ45) beforehand according to the scope and complexitiy of the electrical system and the area and layout of the living space.

Electrical installation conduits radiate out, in a star form, from the mains connection point to individual telephone outlets in the rooms. Network-capable communication cables (data cable category 5 or higher) are laid through these conduits.

Power points located next to the telephone connection box should always be planned as double sockets so that several devices can be plugged in simultaneously.

At least one network-capable telephone connection is recommended for each room: living room, dining room, bedroom, playroom / child’s bedroom, home office, study, hall, kitchen, bathroom, hobby room and utility room.

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    Picture: ISDN and analogue telephone connection (TAE socket).