Initiative ELEKTRO+

Modernisation of the electrical system

When planning the modernisation of your house or flat take the opportunity to update your electrical systems.

Many buildings from the fifties and sixties not only require structural renovation but also need urgent modernisation of the heating, the hot water supply and the electrical system.

Since 1960 the electricity consumption in German households has increased approximately tenfold. In most cases the wiring in older buildings cannot keep pace with this rapid development. Although the energy consumption of the individual domestic appliances has decreased, the number of machines in daily use has risen dramatically. If you compare the average household of the sixties with today’s high-tech world it is not surprising that electrical systems installed forty years ago are pushed to their limits. The higher number of appliances and amount of equipment connected to the system places a greater load on electrical circuits and cables.

The consequences: a growing load on the system, resulting in overload!

Electrical systems in older buildings are often a potential hazard. Every year thousands of flats and houses catch fire. Many of these blazes are caused by the overloading of circuits and old wiring.

Wear and tear occurs with electrical systems, as with any other part of the house. Cables and circuits become worn out and switches and sockets get damaged. Regular maintenance and modernisation are essential.

When a renovation project is planned, either in a room or through the whole house, it is advisable to think carefully about the systems, infrastructures and elements that can be modernised or renewed during this work.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Example of an electrical distribution unit in need of renovation.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Example of a modern electrical distribution unit with communications panel.