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Modernising the bathroom

Perhaps you are thinking about renovating your bathroom to bring it up to date with the latest standards in comfort and energy efficiency? When planning such a project remember the electrical installation! You should consider the following:

  • that there are certain zones, defined by the DIN VDE 0100-701 standard, where switches and sockets can be installed in the bathroom and other areas where it is normally forbidden,
  • that to meet safety requirements in the bathroom the installation of residual current devices (RCD) is mandatory,
  • that today’s market offers a wide range of attractive switches and sockets with designs appropriate for bathrooms,
  • that power sockets need to be located where electrical appliances will be used; for example electric razor near to the mirror, electric toothbrush / mouthwash near to the sink,
  • that at least two light sources should be planned with connection points to illuminate the bathroom mirror,
  • that lights are available in different tones; warm lighting colours fit well in the bathroom and produce a relaxing ambience,
  • that electrical heaters in the bathroom are useful to warm the room quickly on cooler days and electrical floor heating makes tiles pleasant for bare feet,
  • that a whirlpool bath requires its own electrical circuit and miniature circuit breaker (MCB).

Consult an electrical engineer or electrician for advice on technical safety standards and equipotential bonding and earthing systems in the bathroom.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Power socket for electric razor and hairdryer.
    A motion detector in the bathroom can be used to control lighting.