Initiative ELEKTRO+

Modernising the study / home office

It is hard to imagine a world these days without the internet. When considering a computer work place or office at home the necessary communications connection points and a sufficient number of electrical sockets should be planned.

Sockets are required for the following equipment:

  • computer,
  • screen,
  • printer,
  • scanner,
  • answer-machine,
  • radio,
  • desk light,
  • power supply unit for the telephone.

Make sure that you have an adequate number of sockets.

If necessary, the many sockets and cables serving the work place can be housed in wall ducts. Consult an electrical engineer or electrician for advice tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Computer work place with cable clutter.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: A wall duct carrying cables, sockets and communications connection points helps to organise your work place.