Initiative ELEKTRO+

Modernising the hall and entrance way

Think carefully about the positions of light switches next to the doors in the hall and on the stairway. Lights activated by motion detectors are convenient on stairs and in entrance areas, especially if you have your hands full, and they save energy.

Using a timer device, a light, switched on via a convential switch, can be turned off again automatically after a predetermined period. Lighting on the stairs should be carefully planned to ensure adequate illumination when climbing and descending the steps.

The hall of a flat or the landing of a house is the ideal place to position the electrical circuit distributor. This central location shortens the distances that the wires have to travel from the individual rooms to the distributor box, therefore saving on installation costs.

Also, the electrical circuit distributor can be quickly reached if an RCD is activated or if the fuse goes off.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: Motion detectors activate the lights on the stairway automatically.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: A variety of cover designs, appropriate for the interior of your house or flat, are available for the electrical circuit distributor box. There is even a cladding made to look like a picture frame.