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Modernising the kitchen

When plannnig and buying a new kitchen it is important to consider the domestic electrical system. A separate electrical circuit including miniature circuit breakers (MCB) is needed for the following applicances:

  • electric cooker or hob and ovens,
  • dish-washer,
  • microwave,
  • food steamer,
  • water heater.

An adequate number of power sockets for small domestic appliances should be planned into the kitchen work area. Appliances include:

  • coffee machine,
  • espresso machine,
  • kettle,
  • toaster,
  • food processor,
  • deep fryer,
  • multi-purpose slicer,
  • juicer,
  • mixer,
  • electric knife,
  • egg boiler,
  • bread cutting machine, etc.

In accordance with the electrical installation values defined in RAL-RG 678 all sockets above the kitchen surface, for the connection of small domestic appliances, should have at least two power outlets (i.e. double sockets).

Additional connection points are needed for:

  • the extractor hood,
  • the refrigerator
  • and the freezer

Apart from the sockets mentioned above, a basic number of extra power points need to be planned into the kitchen for general use, for example to run the vacuum cleaner or polisher.


In addition to ceiling lamps that provide general illumination, a glare-free lighting system should be provided for the kitchen work surfaces. It is essential to plan an adequte number of connection points for this lighting.

Consider whether you need a telelphone connection and an antenna box for radio and TV in the kitchen.

The RAL-RG 678 regulations recommend the electrical installation values that will aid you in the planning of your kitchen.

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    Picture: Power points above the kitchen work surfaces should be installed at least as double sockets.