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Switches and sockets - decoration for your walls

Current decorating and furnishing trends define the interior design of houses and flats. Out of date wallpaper patterns or dull wall colours create dark rooms and a dreary atmosphere causing residents to renovate their rooms more frequently.

A freshly decorated living space with new wallpaper and floor coverings but still with the old switches and sockets is like a new suit with an old tie! Rooms are similar to clothing, it is the accessories that add that certain flair.

Modern well designed switches in crisp colours using good quality materials (e.g. stainless steel and glass) accentuate your interior design. For this reason manufacturers of electrical fitments offer a wide range of colours, designs and shapes to create a comfortable living environment and cater for all tastes.

  • The exchange of a normal light for a dimmer creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere in a room.
  • The installation in the stairway or entrance hall of a light with motion detector is a simple step. It improves safety and security, saves energy and certainly makes life more comfortable.
  • The replacement of standard socket covers with those providing higher protection against accidental contact (child protection sockets) increases household safety for you and your family.
  • The exchange of standard power points in the bathroom for sockets and switches with residual current devices (RCD) offers higher electrical safety.
  • Life is made more comfortable, especially for older people, by the installation of sockets with ejection mechanisms. These outlets are simple to operate and make household appliances easier to unplug.

Tip: If you are redecorating your house or flat and want to add the final touches to your interior design with modern switches and sockets, you can achieve this without having to completely replace all the fitments.

Since the middle of the seventies manufacturers guarantee that all switch and socket covers are compatible with the electrical part of the fitment in the wall. The box embedded in the plaster containing the electrical installation can still be used; you simply need to exchange the outer cover.

Speak to your electrical contractor or electrician for advice.

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    Picture: Old switch out - new switch in

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    Picture: Motion detector for the stairway or hall.

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    Picture: Stainless steel designer socket.