Initiative ELEKTRO+

Modernising the bedroom or playroom

In these rooms similar requirements exist as in the living room. If telephone and antennae connection points are needed then attention should be given to their locations. If a computer workplace is planned it is important to install adequate sockets and communications connections.

In both bedroom and playroom a sufficient number of power points is essential to maintain flexibility in layout and furnishing and to allow for changes in the future.

Planning tips

A switch for the lighting and a double socket should be planned for each sleeping place.

Double sockets should be installed next to the beds so that several appliances can be plugged in at the same time; for example, the radio alarm clock, the bedside lamp, an electric blanket and the power supply for the telephone. Using dimmer switches, lighting levels in the room can be easily adjusted.

It is particularly convenient if the lights can be activated or controlled from several points in the room (e.g. by the door and by the beds).

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    Picture: Power outlets next to the beds should always be installed as double sockets.