Initiative ELEKTRO+

Modernising the electrics on the terrace and in the garden

Exterior power points are required for running garden machinery such as electric lawn mowers and for electric grills and garden lights. Splash-proof sockets with residual current devices (RCD) are recommended for the terrace and garden.

If a rain water cistern and irrigation system is planned for the garden then sockets with switches will be needed to connect equipment, for example electric pumps. For safety and security reasons it is advisable to ensure all exterior electrical circuits and sockets are controllable via one central switch in the house.

Choose suitable lighting for your outside area and position light sources thoughtfully to avoid dazzle. Indirect illumination of the garden by lighting an exterior house façade can look spectacular and eliminates glare. Exterior lighting should be controlled from adjoining interior rooms by a double-pole switch.

Tip: If you wish to enjoy radio and television on the terrace don‘t forget to install antennae connection points.

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    Picture: Splash-proof sockets for the garden and terrace area.