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Modernising the living room

Years ago a well equipped living room had less electrical sockets and lighting than today and only one antenna connection point.

Now standards are higher and requirements are different. During modernisation the following points should be taken into account:

  • If the television and stereo are in different positions in the room then two antenna connection boxes are needed. This has nothing to do with signal reception but makes sense for the interior planning of the room. Several antenna boxes mean that you can be flexible with the furnishing and layout of the space and have the option to change items at a later date. An electrical socket with three outlets should be located next to each antenna box.
  • A telephone connection point should also be planned for the living room. Modern telephones always require an electrical supply so a double power socket should be located next to the telephone connection box.
  • Electrical installation conduits should be laid to carry television, stereo and speaker cables between the equipment and the connection boxes. This maintains the aesthetic qualities of the room and prevents tripping hazards especially in doorways.
  • It should be noted that when a room is rearranged some power points are no longer accessible. For maximum flexibility and convenience a good basic infrastructure of sockets should be planned.

Lighting for the perfect ambience

Lighting should have a high priority in the planning and design of a room. Ceiling lighting alone does little to create a cosy or relaxing atmosphere. It is appropriate for general illumination but should be combined with other light sources, for example, wall mounted lights next to a sitting area, a standard lamp as reading lamp and indirect lighting in bookshelves, cupboards, amongst house plants or in a bay window.
Lights plugged into sockets can also be connected to and activated via the main room light switch.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches allow the light level to be adjusted smoothly. Several switches can be installed in a room (e.g. near to the door or the sitting area, etc.) enabling lights to be controlled conveniently from different positions.

Electrically operated blinds and roller shutters

Electrical control, via a central switch, offers a comfortable solution to the daily chore of opening and closing blinds and roller shutters. It is also especially useful for large windows or glass patio doors with heavy shutters.

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    Picture: Antennae and speaker connection points for the living room should be planned in advance.

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    Picture: Using clever lighting you can create an atmosphere to fit any occasion. Remember to plan and install an adequate number of lighting sources.