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The safety of the electrical system has top priority

Protection from electrical currents

Unlike water or gas, electricity cannot be seen or smelt. Whereas a broken or leaking water pipe would immediatly be repaired, damaged or worn electricity cables often go unnoticed for months, although they represent a far greater injury risk. A voltage of just 50 volts and a current of 50mA upwards can be lethal. It is therefore not difficult to imagine the dangers posed by voltages of 230 V and currents from 10A to 32A.

However, it is not necessarily just carelessness that increases the risk of an electric shock. The insulation in electrical appliances and sockets can also become damaged. This hidden danger can be eliminated through the use of residual current device (RCD) switches. The use of residual current devices (RCD) in parts of the home with particularly high shock risk, like the bathroom or the garden, is compulsory. Residual current devices (RCD) are also stipulated for all electrical circuits containing sockets and of course for playrooms and living areas used by children.

Child safety

In all residential buildings bannisters on the landings and stairs are required by law and in houses with small children extra safety is usually provided by a stair gate. But what about unprotected sockets or the damaged cable of a bedside lamp in the playroom? When it comes to children and electricity, you can’t be careful enough. For this reason it is compulsory to install residual current devices (RCD) on circuits containing sockets in playrooms and all other living spaces used by children. The use of an additional socket cover offers further protection and prevents youngsters from tampering with electrical outlets.

ELEKTRO+ Video “RCD - residual current device” (German)

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    Picture: Damaged cable insulation can cause an electric shock. In this case a RCD would cut off the electrity in milliseconds.

  • Vorschau

    Picture: When it comes to children and electricity, you can’t be careful enough.