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Lightning and surge protection

Out of the blue

This danger really does come out of the blue: but who seriously believes that their house will be struck by lightning? Unfortunately, the chances are not so low: in Germany there are 2.1 million lightning strikes on buildings every year.

A conductor system on the outside of the building solves the problem of lightning strikes and also gives you peace of mind during an electrical storm. It is made up of three components: an arrester, a conductor and an earth. The arrester is installed on the roof and is taller than the height of the house.

This provides the striking point for the lightning. From here the electrical energy is passed on to the conductor system. The conductors consist of metal strips mounted vertically on the outside walls. They are regularly spaced and effectively form a Faraday cage that channels the lightning charge downwards into the ground in a controlled manner. Ideally the conductor system should be connected to the foundation earthing.

Most poeple think that it is the direct lightning strike that causes the most damage to a house but actually it is the accompanying electrical surge. This can have an effect even when the lightning discharges itself some distance away. The surge can destroy electrical equipment and communication systems and delete data. The consequences can be very expensive and are not usually covered by insurance.

A surge protector offers a safeguard against such occurrences and is easy to install. It can be fitted into the electrical distribution system and also mounted directly on the electrical supply to sensitive equipment like telephones, televisions, stereo systems and computers. Using a surge protector provides safety for your household during a storm and allows you to continue using electrical equipment undisturbed.

PDF-Download consumer information “Surge Protection” (German)

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    Picture: A danger that really does come out of the blue

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    Picture: Damage caused by a lightning strike