Initiative ELEKTRO+

Fire protection

You can’t run from fire

“If a fire starts in my house I will notice and have enough time to get out!” Wrong! Most victims of fire suffocate in the smoke; they are often caught unaware whilst sleeping.

Do you really want to expose your family to this risk? By installing smoke alarms, that can be fitted either during house construction or afterwards without great effort, the risk can be minimised. You will have peace of mind and can sleep safely.

The overloading of electrical circuits represents a hidden fire hazard. For example: the washing machine and dryer are running at the same time; several electrical appliances are in use together in the kitchen or a single power point in the living room is linked via a multi-socket connector to the television, DVD player, radio, CD player and the computer with screen and printer. Unfortunately the wiring system is not designed for this sort of electrical load.

The normal and safest consequence of such an overload is that the miniature circuit breaker trips. However, an inadequate or underdimensioned electrical system can cause cables to overheat and smoulder, resulting in fire. The catastrophic blaze in the Anna Amalia Library in Weimar vividly illustrated this problem.

Remember: electrical circuits should be appropriately dimensioned to meet requirements.

PDF-Download ELEKTRO+ “Smoke detectors” (German)