Initiative ELEKTRO+

Tips for excellent electrical installation

You are planning to build?

Your new house needs an electrical installation system that meets all your demands for safety, is user-friendly and has minimum energy consumption. And you must consider the future: such an installation will outlive most of your current electrical appliances and must function reliably and safely for the next 40 to 50 years. It should be designed for use with today’s electrical equipment but also be sufficiently flexible to adapt to future trends. This flexibilty is particularly important as later changes to the installation can be difficult and are often expensive.

You wish to modernise?

Is your property showing its age? If so, then your electrical installation system is probably just as old and, like the house, no longer meets your requirements. Over the years standards for safety and comfort have changed dramatically. In particular, there have been important developments in energy efficiency offering a wide range of opportunities for protecting the environment and for cutting energy costs. For today’s household a modern electrical installation system is essential.

We give you tips for a safe, functional, user-friendly and energy efficient installation system — in short: excellent electrical installation. You can use this information when talking to architects, electricians and building contractors. Marking relevant points in the brochure will help you to address issues clearly and directly when speaking to your electrical expert. You will be able to communicate your wishes and plans clearly, achieving exactly what you want and need.

Brochure “Tips for Excellent Electrical Installations” to download ... (German)